Demand for Tiny Houses is increasing rapidly

German energy company starts with TinyDomo

Especially in the last 2 years, the demand for Tiny Houses has increased enormously. According to a study from 2021, the market potential for Tiny Houses in Germany is almost four billion Euros by 2022. In view of rising real estate prices, many would like to create an affordable home, others would like to take the idealistic path and dare to take the step towards minimalism out of conviction. In addition, there is still a great demand for Tiny Houses for business use – e.g. as an office.

Build the tiny house of your dreams

“Our TinyDomo can be individually tailored to the needs of our customers. We also offer various expansion stages – from the do-it-yourself kit to the turnkey house. Flexibility is very important at TinyDomo,” says Managing Director Wolfgang Balthasar. In addition, only natural organic materials are used for TinyDomo.

Self-sufficient energy system included

Due to the many years of experience in the heating and energy sector, the climate-ethical aspect is also very important to the company. The TinyDomo houses are equipped with their own clean energy system. According to Balthasar, all Tiny Houses are „insulated for winter use, with the efficient heat pump heating technology and underfloor heating as well as photovoltaic systems with electricity storage for up to 100% energy self-sufficiency and 100% emission-free“.

Pre-orders are already possible

Wolfgang Balthasar further explains: “We will start with TinyDomo in July 2022. Pre-orders are already underway and the first TinyDomo houses are in production. The market is there, the demand for Tiny Houses is enormous. I see great potential here. We want to serve this market with high-quality Tiny Houses that meet modern standards – at affordable prices.”

More information:

TinyDomo is a company of B4H Green Energy SE based in Guben, Germany. Since its founding in 2015, B4H Green Energy SE has grown continuously and sustainably. In the calendar years 2020 and 2021 alone, the company was able to record sales growth of 1,951 percent in the energy sector compared to the previous year.

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